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Captain Pi
WOW! That part where Napoleon begins to weep, Illya wipes away his tears, kisses each me all emotional. I began crying myself. Then the deep kiss. Illya gazing at Napoleon's body...."You're magnificent". The pre-ejaculant, the taste, the kiss. I was so dizzy. It's so beautiful, and dreamy. I was trying to control my tears, but failing. This dialog and banter is dead-on, spot-on, and true-to-form, conveying the characterizations as realistic three dimensional personae. I could actually visualize the scenario as I was reading it. I know they're just fictional characters. I reread the juicy parts so I could savor them. Indelibly imprinting them onto my last singular brain cell. LOL! Very Fluffy-Time, Fluffy-Stuff Stuff going on up in here now, don't you know! I loved it. The mushier, the gushier, the 'mo 'betta! I know I'm just a knucklehead fanboy deluxe, apologies. Thanks for sharing.

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