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He was exotic, and erotic, and beautiful. He was beautiful. He was going to knock Napoleon's socks off. He couldn't wait to see it.

feeling Napoleon's eyes on him, up his legs, on which drops of water glistened, up and over those tight shorts, then directly into his face. Their eyes met, and held.

"No, we're supposed to be playing a role. Don't I look like your bit on the side?" He tilted his head and slanted a smile up at Napoleon, whose eyes sharpened. Illya could almost feel the full force of that complex and formidable personality being brought to bear upon him. It was a heady elixir and he sparkled under its effects as if it were fine wine.

Illya's profile was pure, and clean, softened by the blond hair now in disarray around his shoulders.

Napoleon gave him his most reassuring smile and Illya smiled back - a nervous smile, and something inside Napoleon turned over. Illya was nervous? Of him? "It's all right,"

He put his index finger under Illya's chin, lifted it, and leaned in for a kiss. It was warm, and sweet, and full of promise. Illya was unbuttoning the linen pajamas now and Napoleon shivered, forcing himself to stand still for it, to endure the soft whisper of cloth on skin, the occasional grazing of Illya's fingers against his flesh. When he finally kicked his bottoms aside he was on fire, desire pounding through his veins, making his hands shake as he brought Illya down onto the bed.

Illya was hot, and tight, clinging to him. He held still for one final moment, feeling the beat of Illya's heart all around him and through him, then he moved, and their hearts pounded in unison.


Later, after the shared shower - which occasioned much muffled laughter as they tried to maneuver in cramped quarters - and after the late night pizza delivered by a teenage boy who was clearly elated by the size of his tip, and after another frenzied bout of lovemaking they lay tangled in one another's arms and laid their plans. They would live together, "forsaking all others" Napoleon whispered into Illya's ear and Illya nodded, they would work together and spend the remainder of their lives - "together," Napoleon concluded and smiled into those blue eyes, which smiled back at him.

"Together," Illya agreed, and their lips met once more, and once more they closed around one another, and once more they were home. Once more - and forever.

Above are all my fav lines from your story - They are so poetically, rivetingly descriptive, erotci, of course, but tender & innocent, and beautiful...

Well done.

Bethany xx

Neat gimmick to have them on a mission like that. Painless flirting! ^_^

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