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From: Romanse
Date: 12/18/2009
"It will be you and me. Under everything, despite everything, against everything ... you and me."

Somebody help me! I've swooned and I can't get up! LOL

Seriously, that is EVERYTHING this story is about - it's the enduring theme that no one but you writes in a way that so speaks directly to my heart!

You've done it again and this time you made brilliant use of the psycho Miss Diketon and creatively incorperated Sinatra as well. I found both highly interesting! Of course I adored the beautifully crafted love scenes.

I can't thank you enough for continueing to gift us with your vision of Illya and Napoleon. I listened to this story several times and literally, all night long. You can not imagine how lovely it is to hear the story being read aloud.

From: knockknee
Date: 12/17/2009
Wow. Few people can handle romance without it turning into the kind of scenes eight-year-olds hide their faces from. You did it very, very well. This is wonderful.

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