Noticeable Details

by Atheneparthenos

How did you know?

Can't you leave it?

Come on, Illya! He looked identical to me and he'd even been programmed with my memories! Not even Waverley could tell us apart. How did you do it?

Napoleon. You're my partner and my friend. We work closely together in dangerous situations and our lives depend on how well we know and trust each other. I know you as no other man in the universe. Isn't that enough?

No. It doesn't tell me what clue gave it away.


Sorry, Illya, what was that?

I said, you always dress to the left.

...You notice that?

Yes. I notice everything about you. Now, I have to go to the lab. Goodbye.

Now hold on just one darned minute...Oh all right, go on if you have to, no need to rip the suit. But I'm taking you out to dinner tonight. Chinese. My treat.

Excuse me?

And then we're going to that jazz club you mentioned. I understand Miles Davis is in town.

Why would you...

And then I've got a bottle of Stolichnaya in the icebox for later.

...I don't understand.

Well...I've got something to confess, Illya...


I've been noticing you too.

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