Spooky Spies

by nickovetch

"Trick or Treat." Illya's voice came through the steel-reinforced door like an echo from a sepulcher. Napoleon chuckled as he looked through the peephole.

A fish-eye view of his partner revealed him wearing his Illya costume. Black turtleneck, black Levis, black mood. Solo opened the door and waved the wraith-like figure in. He produced a bottle of ice-cold Stoli and saw Illya's eyes light up like a jack-o-lantern. "Now, that's definitely a treat. I think I might get to like this holiday after all."

"And you got all dressed up just for me," Solo jibed, patting Illya's shoulder as he drifted by.

Illya grumbled, "I don't do anything just for you, Napoleon. There has to be something in it for me." He grinned at Solo as he swiped the bottle from him. Kuryakin kicked off his disreputable footwear and padded over to the bar. He poured a water glass full of vodka and took a healthy swig. His eyes closed in delight at the glorious taste of the fiery spirits. Showing his approval he lifted the Chivas bottle questioningly. Napoleon nodded. His partner poured three fingers in a tumbler and silently handed the glass over.

Waiting until he'd swallowed, Illya glided over to Solo and set the glasses down on the coffee table. "Speaking of that something?"

Napoleon allowed the Russian to pull him into his arms, breathing in the scent of him as he buried his nose in Illya's hair. Illya sighed and insinuated himself even closer, twining one of his legs between his lover's longer ones. Napoleon growled softly at the friction and took Illya's face in his hands, pulling him up for a searing kiss.

They parted slowly, still wrapped around each other. Illya looked deeply into his partner's eyes and said, "Boo!"

"Spirited tonight, aren't we?" Solo remarked.

Illya groaned and said, "Very punny."

"And don't think I think the reason you came over tonight was for my company." Napoleon sat heavily on the couch and waved Illya over.

"Don't be ridiculous, Napoleon." He waggled wheaten eyebrows at him. "I came for the Stoli."

"You didn't even know I had Stoli, Illya."

"Oh, yes, right."

Napoleon ran his hand gently along Illya's thigh. "You're just too cheap to buy candy and hand it out to the kids. Admit it."

Illya feigned shock and dismay. "I'll admit no such thing. I'll have you know I bought two dollars' worth of Halloween candy just yesterday."

The gentle hand continued to stroke the hard muscle, running across a thin hip and down one sleek flank. Napoleon was pleased to see Illya's respiration speed up. He roamed over the flat belly and worked his fingers under the shirt tail, ghosting over the suddenly goose-bumped flesh there. "So where is it, Illya?"

Distracted, Illya groaned out, "In the usual place." He tried to urge Napoleon's hand lower.

Solo chuckled quietly. "The candy, tovarisch."

Illya sighed as Solo's hand finally found the one-eyed monster lurking under his jeans. "In my freezer. You really didn't think I'd give it away to street urchins, did you?" Illya tensed, thrusting up into the wonderful friction. "Ahh, Napoleon. You always know just what I want."

"It's almost spooky, isn't it?" Napoleon silenced the snort coming from Illya by kissing him again. Positioning himself on top of the smaller man, Napoleon let his own arousal be known. Illya felt the hard erection digging into his stomach and groaned. He slipped his hand between their bodies and took Solo in hand, fingers scratching across the swollen bulge.

Catching his breath, Napoleon adjusted his position while Illya divested him of his tie first and shirt second. The t-shirt was damp with sweat by the time it was peeled from him. Illya's turtleneck disappeared as if by magic. Down to skin, Solo rubbed his slick body against Illya's chest, relishing the softness of it. His nipples were hard by contrast and begging to be suckled.

Solo slipped his tongue back and forth between the buds, as if he couldn't decide on which one to concentrate. Illya twisted his fingers in Solo's thick hair, whimpering as he was devoured by the talented mouth. As he distracted his lover, Napoleon tugged on the Levi's zipper, pulled the fly open and reached into the white cotton briefs. Illya was hard and weeping, and Napoleon ran his thumb over the slit, causing his lover to cry out into his open mouth.

Illya surged off the couch, taking Napoleon with him onto the thickly carpeted floor. He blanketed Solo, wasting no time stripping the remaining clothing from him. He tossed his jeans and boxers away as well, fingers trembling with desire as he closed his calloused hands around Solo's towering erection.

Napoleon was impressive, his member jutting up in the twilight, needing the release only Illya could give. He watched with hooded eyes as Illya crept up the length of him, snugging their bodies tightly together as he latched onto Napoleon's neck like a heat-seeking vampire. Illya nuzzled and sucked, leaving love bites behind as Solo writhed against his searching mouth.

Impatiently, Napoleon tried to wrap his arms around Illya to give him something to thrust against. Illya shook his head, grasped Solo's wrists and held them down on either side of his dark head. He returned to his ministrations, laving both earlobes and biting one hard enough to elicit a gasp from Solo. The Adam's apple was next, proving to be a moving target as Solo swallowed repeatedly in his agitation.

Illya smiled as Napoleon groaned deeply, hips automatically moving against the blond, the heavy erection jabbing him with every breath. Illya took pity on his partner, releasing one hand and guiding it down to his own erection. Solo took charge and began jacking him off expertly and Illya had to bite his lip to slow his response. He wrapped a hand around Solo's shaft and gave as well as received.

Neither man could last long against the intimate assault and Illya returned to suckle at Napoleon's lips, drawing his saliva into his mouth and using his swollen lips to fellate the slick tongue. Napoleon wrapped his free arm around Illya's shoulders and broke the kiss, panting furiously.

"Illya, Illya." He quickened his stroke and Illya matched the tempo. Both men jerked and thrust straining to finish. Napoleon stiffened and buried his face in Illya's shoulder, crying his name as he came in a rush of warm fluid. Illya felt the release splash against his belly and groaned. He arched backwards, his orgasm burning through him and splattering Napoleon from his belly button to his chin. Spent, Illya slumped forward onto Napoleon, their bodies sliding together in their passion.

The apartment was steeped in shadows by the time the men came back to awareness enough to roll apart and catch their breath. Illya propped himself up on an elbow and idly ran his finger through the sticky, baby-fine hair on Napoleon's chest. Solo decided it would require too much effort to raise his head and let Kuryakin play. He managed a yelp when Illya pinched a nipple.

"What was that for?" he asked indignantly.

Illya chuckled. "Just making sure you were still alive, Napoleon."

Solo growled low in his throat. "Would you like to see just how fast I can rise from the dead?"

Illya shook his head and patted Napoleon's tummy. "Maybe after a shower."

Napoleon sat up and then hauled them both to their feet. "Come on, let's get cleaned up and put some clothes on. The kids will be out soon. We can't answer the door like this."

"Well, it certainly would scare them."

Illya's blue eyes danced when he realized the implications. "You have Halloween candy? Where? What kind?"

"Shower first, candy later." Napoleon walked down the hall giving Illya a look at his best side.

"You know, Napoleon, I'm really beginning to get into the spirit of Halloween." He followed his partner to the bathroom, grinning like a jack-o-lantern.

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