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This was absolutely perfect except for one thing... the redistribution of power at UNCLE New York:

I think Napoleon would have taken the 'stuffed shirt' off at the knees in defense of Illya, tendered his resignation, and stormed out of the office.

Then Mr. Waverly would have told Stoddard that he was disappointed in his performance and felt a demotion was in order... the California position might be more apropos... and before he left to replace the overly large desk and throne-like chair with the original round table for his replacement who now seemed ready to lead the New York office so his resignation would not be accepted.

A sputtering Stoddard would have told the old man that he couldn't do that. Waverly would tell him with an understated smirk, that according to his contract, he could and just did.


I hope you don't mind the above, but you had me hating Stoddard and I felt there should be consequences to his actions and Mr. Waverly was the one to hand them out. Otherwise it was perfect right down to the rings (always my favorite), and thank you for sharing it!

Ahhh, Christmas in May! I love how you write their relationship, it is so loving. Thanks for sharing.

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